Giving an IoT leader a future-forward website

When Silver Spring Networks (SSNI) first began in 2002, future customers had a difficult time understanding the concept of a Smart Utility or the IoT (Internet of Things). Many people, especially in the utility world, did not understand smart grid networks, nor is the utility culture one that made rapid changes. At its start, Silver Spring was already a pioneer in the smart energy field.

Fast forward to now, Silver Spring Networks manages power for many of the world’s leading Smart Utilities, Smart Cities and IoT. The idea of smart grid networks is no longer an unknown but a common industry term and a growing global conversation with SSNI at the front edge.

Identifying the Challenges, and the Opportunities
Silver Spring reached out to us to improve their digital marketing efforts. Feedback from customers revealed certain services and products that Silver Spring offered were not easily understood via the website and, therefore, the vast IoT capabilities of a market leader were being underplayed. Investor stories were not sharing the massive advances that Silver Spring had been making with its customers and products. Career seekers unfamiliar with SSNI didn’t get a feel for the incredible blend of cutting edge projects and great culture.Before engaging in the project, we did in-depth analysis

Before engaging in the project, we did in-depth analysis on the business to develop a solution that would address the manifold audiences and industries SSNI speaks to. Selling to governments, utilities and critical infrastructure providers is not a fast process. Often everyone from the president of company all the way down to the people on the ground working on the network need to be involved. The data showed people were not making it deep enough into the site to access much of the highly technical, high-quality content being produced.

  • Analytics / Data Insights
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Digital Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
Articulating a Leading Edge Industry’s Audience

Through deep research and open conversations, we recognized the website redesign was going to be many things to many different people. SSNI needed a way to deliver a story of experienced leadership in a still-emerging global industry. It needed to deliver highly technical information to those who needed it. It needed career seekers to recognize the company as a place they could real contribution and be valued. And, it needed investors to really get the breadth of accomplishments that SSNI claims and see how it truly is a leader in the fast growing IoT and Machine Learning Space.  

Connecting the Dots with Life Connected

Blue Like Neon used its essence process to identify user groups, user concerns, and conversations that they would be in when visiting the site. We used this as an anchor to make all choices about UX UI, content, design, technology and marketing strategy. We focused in on a theme: Life Connected.

SSNI connects all critical infrastructure through its technology. Critical infrastructure = Life. So we used this as the lead in and unifying element and tailored the Life Connected theme to the content areas based on which visitors coming to which parts the site. It also helps conceptualize the idea of IoT. The site now speaks to the emotions and to the mind of its targeted audiences. Easily accessible case studies, thoughtful information architecture and a modular, modern design allows SSNI to continue to lead the conversation, focus its efforts and advance their globally critical work on Smart Networks and IoT.

A new website helped frame the conversation around SSNI’s future roadmap and educate visitors on an industry leader in the IoT revolution.

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