The Brief

Simply put, the best Aloha Shirts in the world are from Reyn Spooner. Over the last 50 years, Reyn Spooner has become part of the fabric of Hawaiian heritage. Reyn was the original haberdasher in Hawaii, helping make Hawaiian shirts a staple for beach goers and businessmen.

A storied company, Reyn Spooner needed a new website that embodied the blend of classic Aloha and modern sensibility to make the brand as appealing online as it was in stores. Reyn Spooner wanted a site that resonated with target consumers and facilitated brand expansion overseas.

Our goal was to translate the Aloha Spirit to an ecommerce experience that reignited the brand, built loyalty and opened new channels of business all while driving sales inside the site. To ensure that we understood the core audience we explored current shoppers—stylish moms shopping for their husbands kids and families, men long loyal to Reyn Spooner, hip young adults with a sense of adventure. With an expanding line soon to include kids clothes, we needed to expand the catalog for optimal shopping, showcasing the range of products for the whole family.

The Highlights
  • 130% increase in revenue
  • 124% increase in transactions
  • 78% increase in conversion rate
Deep Dive into the Aloha State of Mind

The project involved deep dive research. We pulled fashion references and respected brands in the space. We learned about Hawaiian culture and Reyn Spooner’s founder Reyn McCullough. We traveled to Hawaii to meet key stakeholders and see the unbelievable collection of Hawaiian prints. We toured four of the stores to see how the brand customer experience was delivered in person. And, we interviewed a variety of staff members, some of whom had been with Reyn Spooner for over 40 years, customers and locals to understand why they loved the brand.

We walked away understanding that Reyn Spooner is to Hawaiian Shirts what Ralph Lauren is to Polo Shirts. We really wanted to ensure that the heritage of the brand was intact, but also help it appeal to younger men, women and children. We utilized our Essence process to articulate the brand voice, target users and explore core conversations and messaging strategies that would appeal to them.

The Essence Guide allowed our writers to produce an on-brand voice that resonates with intended audiences. The photographers were able to utilize the Essence Guide during a major change in photographic direction, ensuring all visuals were aligned. It, in effect, becomes a long-lasting brand touchpoint for Reyn Spooner.

Our strategy team reviewed all analytics data to understand how the site was performing. The audit of the existing site, and the existing SEO, helped us generate a substantial list of SEO suggestions and an SEO sitemap structure that would allow for the best growth. Massive opportunities to improve SEO lead to increased revenue.

We also found opportunities to automate marketing to better utilize emails and drive further conversion. In addition, we audited technologies and looked for further opportunities to increase online business performance. Our team also identified many opportunities to better serve customers and increase conversions.

  • Creative Direction
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Shopify Development
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
UX for Conversion and Connection

After working through the business strategy and technology requirements, the UX team began to design an ideal customer experience. With Reyn expanding product lines, we needed to think through how young men, women and children would fit into the overall offering. In addition, the website needs to serve Reyn wholesale customers and support them in ordering more products.

The experience needed to draw users in, make them curious and lead them into finding products that they would love. Ideal users connect emotionally to the idea of relaxation, peace and aloha. This emotional connection we knew would be key reaching new mainland customers. We then synched the user’s needs and future SEO needs to make an ideal site map.

Brand Building through Design and Storytelling

The look and feel for the brand was critical and needed to feel high end but stay approachable. By leading with lifestyle focused imagery and stunning photography, the look translates to both men, young men and women, all identified target users. The content developed told of the deep history the brand has within Hawaii, the legacy of Reyn Spooner Heritage Prints and Classic Fits and the timelessness of modern styling and limited editions.

Shopify Does the Trick

Once the design and content were completed, the dev team integrated the website on Shopify and integrate plugins. The previous site data was flawlessly transferred ensuring all customer history and data was intact. Marketing Automation and SEO were set up to ensure maximum ROI. The site was rigorously tested on all browsers and mobile devices.

Now, users everywhere are able to find the products they want fast. For Reyn Spooner, a new website is a valuable business tool that helps bring the Aloha Spirit to more people in more places.

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