The Brief

NuFACE was looking for socially engaging ways to bring their rejuvenating skin products to new customers. They wanted a partner for a fresh strategy to further increase sales with new, progressive approaches to enhance and capitalize on their current market share. NuFACE saw this as an opportunity to try advertising on mediums that they had only dabbled in before such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and to test out targeted personas identified as those most likely to be excited by NuFACE’s offerings. Blue Like Neon proposed building a paid social media strategy that would effectively reach a new audience with goals of both driving sales and adding new leads into their email database.

Social channels were chosen to increase brand awareness in San Diego and San Francisco markets and increase ecommerce sales in those markets being advertised in.

The Highlights
  • 262% Return on Ad Spend
  • 2.00% Average Click-Thru-Rate
  • 32% Video Completion Rate
  • 15% Lower Cost-Per-Lead Than Projected

Blue Like Neon created a comprehensive paid social media plan for NuFACE to reach new audiences actively searching for anti-aging products. We started by only targeting the San Diego and San Francisco markets. Both these markets feature a higher density of the population receiving facial lift procedures and are where NuFACE is already receiving a large amount of their ecommerce revenue against target personas. As the campaign matured, Blue Like Neon made campaign optimizations and recommendations specific to each targeted persona and campaign creative, increasing sales and ROAS. The success that has been proven in these two major metro areas has instilled confidence that NuFACE can enter into the other top metro areas and produce a positive ROI with a similar approach.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Advertising Operations
  • Digital Media Research & Strategy
  • Facebook Conversion Ads
  • Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Instagram Conversion Ads
  • Lead Generation
  • Media Buying
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins

Blue Like Neon found that the mature persona converted at a much higher level. This persona has the desire and the discretionary income to spend and make impulse purchases up to $400. The younger persona had a longer lag time between ad exposure and finalizing her purchase. Despite this lag to purchase, women age 25-35 were significantly more active in terms of their social engagement. This matches with our understanding of the motivations and actions of women falling in the coveted millennial category.

Overall, Blue Like Neon was able to effectively and efficiently drive sales for NuFACE, driving upwards of a 262% ROAS for their pilot campaign in two of their top 20 major metro areas with massive growth potential.

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