Kythera wanted to bring its product to market and ensure doctors were properly certified to buy the product. Making it happen, though, would mean re-designing its former training and sales process. Bringing an FDA-approved drug to market is an incredibly difficult endeavor. When Kythera received FDA approval to begin selling Kybella, it needed to quickly realize a return on its multi-year process and its investments. To accomplish this Kythera needed a way to educate physicians across the United States and to allow physicians to begin ordering product. 

By understanding the overall business objectives we provided an ideal solution. We produced a cloud based physician training center, that was easy to use across mobile, tablet and desktop. We implemented a documented Restful API as a primary integration point between all 3rd party web services. In addition the system served as the scheduling system for in person training process.

A tight 5 month timeline

Meeting a demanding timeline to correspond with go-to-market strategy is not easy. To succeed, it was critical that we understood all objectives and plan out a project that would meet market timing. We ensured that we understood all deliverables and what each department needed to see doctors through process.

A UX approach that makes training easy

By designing the entire UX process, we understood both user needs and technical needs. We were able to make the process simple, easy to follow and require little to no intervention for doctors. In addition, we were able to develop administration tools that allowed staff and trainers to easily work the process. Over 1000 HCPs were able to complete over three hours of online training in less than two months.

  • Analytics / Data Insights
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Creative Direction
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Design

Developing the Application

By utilizing a PHP framework, we were able to quickly develop the training system application and administration tools. Because of the tight timeline we used a Hybrid Agile development approach, breaking the project down into key deliverables so that testing and launch could happen on time. We created very detailed specifications outlining all integrations which included Veeva CRM, OKTA and Fulfillment systems. The administration system is web based ensuring that stakeholders could administer data whenever needed.

Training all staff and stakeholders

Since this was the first time all sales reps and Kythera admin team used the system, thoughtful training was required. By having setting three trainings over three weeks, we were able to ensure that all parties understood the system and were able to get full value out of it. With everything happening online, it was possible to train sales staff located all across the country.

Over 1,000 doctors completed training and registered for live events. The system seamlessly integrated into Veeva, OKTA and Order Fulfilment Systems. We also incorporated an entirely new system into Kythera and were able to rapidly get doctors certified to be able to begin ordering product faster than previous methods employed by Kythera.

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