The Brief

Centricity is known as a global leader in customer experience analysis and insights. After significant success around the world with several financial institutions as well as a handful of European telecom brands, they decided to open their business to US-based clients. To ensure a smooth launch, Centricity looked to Blue Like Neon for a new name and brand identity in order to stand out from the customer experience crowd and articulate how they do things smarter.

Centricity has significantly changed the customer experience, or CX game. By capturing and analyzing real-time customer feedback, they can turn data into actionable insights, faster. What was once a slow and bloated task, requiring months to gather, process and implement changes, can now be accomplished in just days or weeks with Centricity. In addition, they took the complex contract and expensive investment for clients and simplified it, offering fixed prices and transparent contracts.

  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Naming

Taking a seasoned success story and positioning it for the US market involved authoring our Essence Guide, which identified and distilled the conversations and concerns potential customers were having. With the strategy in place, we decided on the name, CentraCX, an innovative and novel extension of the existing Centricity brand. From there, we developed a logo and crafted a compelling new brand story and tagline alongside collateral like style guides, business cards and social media skins.

The Results

The look and feel we developed projects a strong, energetic and welcoming experience.  The new name—Centra CX—builds upon the reputation of Centricity, allowing board members to feel connected to the new brand while helping US customers easily identify them as being focused on customer experience. A simple, friendly, and approachable mark sets the tone for the brand through contemporary, elegant type and bright, vibrant colors. The new brand makes the customer feedback process feels burden-free, refreshing and even fun.

With a new name, tagline and brand identity, Centra CX is now positioned to show US clients how to make every customer experience count.

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