The Brief

With technology to safely and securely capture, store and analyze real-time data from satellite, drone and ground robotics, AviOptix gathers powerful, integrated insights via the cloud. Founded by leaders in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems industry with deep knowledge both domestically and internationally, AviOptix  tailors their insights to client’s unique needs, supporting agriculture, oil and gas, insurance, government and NGOs. They came to Blue LIke Neon to create a new brand that showcases the long-term value they’ll bring clients in this emerging market.

Our Essence Guide process helped clarify both what AviOptix was looking for in their brand and what they would be offering clients. Using that as the basis, we dove into a logo and brand development process that resulted in a holistic, beautiful brand system.

Our solution is an abstract geodesic logo that illustrates the analysis of different terrains across the world and the fusion of those data sets to form solid, big picture insights. A brand guide which includes the logo, “Powered by Data. Proven Through Insights” tagline, in addition to business collateral and social media skins sets the stage for the introduction of an established and consistent brand voice at launch.

  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Guide
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tagline
The Results

Partnering with AviOptix meant helping a new, leading-edge company articulate their offerings and identity clearly and in a compelling way so potential clients understand what they do and the long-term value behind their offerings.

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