The Brief

Ace Parking owns and manages thousands of parking lots across the country. They came to BLN to help them transform the user experience of parking—disrupting the time-consuming, often frustrating process of finding a parking spot. Blue Like Neon was enlisted in the creation of a phased mobile application approach to test out their assumptions about how people want to park, not how people have to park.

The Highlights
  • 42% increase in views since Phase 2 launch
  • 61% increase in users from Phase 1 launch
  • Voice Search Integration
  • Enhanced Search Functions
  • Geo Location Integration
  • Unified API
  • Payment feature
  • eCommerce

Ace Parking is committed to providing a better parking experience that includes helping customers understand the overall quantity of available spaces nearest where they want to go.

To start, we worked to identify respective use cases. We then broke down our findings in a phased approach so that Ace Parking could launch different services via an iOS mobile app, all while testing our use cases to confirm we’re on the right track and they’re able to seamlessly serve customers well.

During Phase 1, Blue Like Neon created a baseline application that helps customers find the nearest Ace Parking lot to their desired location. Voice search helps customers in a hurry find parking locations while keeping their hands on the wheel. The app remembers last searches so place frequently visited are made even more convenient. Additionally, customers can pin where they parked and navigate back to that spot through the app.

For Phase 2, robust features were added including on-demand parking, efficient parking payment options and vehicle management. A centralized Admin Platform made it simple to manage all areas of the app, website, customer service and additional integrations. BLN built a custom API that interacted with all sales channels and connected key data points. It was built to create a smart foundation for future offerings and digital optimizations.

  • Business Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Data Integrations
  • Information Architecture
  • iOS Application Development
  • Mobile Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design

Blue Like Neon created a platform with Ace’s open API, ready for the large Phase 1 & 2 initiative and for future expansion. This approach allows us to grow the platform so that Ace Parking can continue to add more services. They’ll be able to handle the loads of services common in their industry, such as an influx of parkers during an event, which can put a great strain on a servers. Secure protocols safeguard data storage. Our ideal server architecture both takes care of customers’ concerns and ensures the system will expand as required.

A clean, well thought out user experience means Ace Parking can take better care of their customers now while also being positioned to adapt in the future. The executive team at Ace Parking was delighted and satisfied to have a process that made a phased app roll out a success.

By building their application initiative smart from the start, Ace Parking is set to serve customers better, now and in the future.

Ace Parking on iTunes

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