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Leading into the Holiday season, we as marketers see ad spend increase and shopping activity peak. It’s an exciting time of year for everyone – businesses usually get the extra boost they’re looking to end the year on, service companies get budgets in line before the holidays, and consumers have an excuse to impulse shop for others while kids try not to look inside the bags in the back of mom’s car.

To no one’s surprise, if you go to a shopping center you’ll likely see customers looking down at their phones while they are shopping. And not just to send a quick text message. A new Euclid Survey reveals that more than 90 percent of smartphone owners visit traditional stores at least once a week and that 83 percent used smartphones as part of their in-store shopping experience. It’s no secret that companies like Amazon have completely disrupted the traditional retail space and have affected the way that brands are approaching ecommerce and brick-and-click strategies. So, what are people looking for while they’re shopping?

Price Comparison

Users now have access to more information than ever before. During the holidays specifically, stores are starting to honor price matching to win your business. Apps are everywhere that allow you to search products and make price comparisons. A few of our favorites are BuyVia and Purchx.

Age of Instant Gratification

Customers are looking down at their “wish list” items and shopping in-store for the instant gratification of having the product right away. Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can still shop online and have your product in the same day too. So we go back to price comparisons again – users who are shopping in store might find the same product for a few dollars less on Amazon and can get it the same day (queue quick call to Alexa to finish my checkout).

Taking Advantage of Customer Loyalty Programs

Users are looking for emails that they have received from retailers with coupon codes or promotional information. Many of the users surveyed also mentioned they may be logging into their account on the retailer’s app, which likely has a customer loyalty program built into it.

Product Reviews

Everyone loves reviews. If you are shopping online, you cannot see or touch the product in person, so you likely rely on reviews. We’re all guilty of it, thanks to Yelp and .. once again, Amazon. Now, we’ve gotten this idea so ingrained in our everyday habits that we can even review products in grocery stores, and compare products right at the tip of our fingers.

People Are Going “Banner Blind”

In the digital age that we’re living in, customers have access to more information than ever before. And as mentioned before, brands want to win you over. We’re becoming banner ad blind as a result of being over marketed to – specifically during the holiday season. Raise your hand if you have NOT seen an ad or received an email for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or holiday pre-sale yet? Likely not one of you reading this raised your hand 🙂

With consumers practicing a combination of in-store and online shopping, how do we as marketers break through the clutter? We have access to over 100 billion data points every day (and yes, that’s just a sales number that is supposed to WOW you). We are able to, as I say, “stalk” your target audience across all of their devices, no matter where they are. We can target based on content they are engaging with, if they’ve been to one of your stores or your competitor’s stores within the last 30-60 days, or by what products they may be interested in. There are endless opportunities – ‘tis the season for breaking through the advertising noise. Let us know how we can help you break through the clutter!

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