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I was asked by a client which is better – a site that is short and sweet or one that uses parallax scrolling?? (parallax scrolling sites = those long sites that animate as you scroll or swipe through the page.) And as every strategist would say, it depends on what your objective is. Our team has found that it all depends on what you’re working to communicate, and how well you plan your content. I think this article in UX Myths is great and sheds light on the topic.  In a nutshell, this article says that people typically people don’t read anything online – rather, they scan headlines looking for meaning. This is common UX knowledge these days.

A good story unfolds

This data can be troubling to brands who have unique ideas and require an explanation in order to communicate a complex idea. Data has shown that people will scroll – in 76% of instances, people will use the scroll bar. Parallaxing gives digital storytellers the opportunity to allow content to unfold using animations, sharing key ideas and keeping users curious.  By placing strategic links on pages, we can allow people to dig into content they are interested in and often they are more likely to commit to reading because they are actually interested.

Engaging the senses

Curiosity and wonder causes people to engage further, and as a person begins to emotionally and mentally relate to the content they are absorbing they are much more likely to scroll. The more the user takes in, the more likely they will be to click deeper to extract further meaning. We have found this to be a very effective way to help people get to content that they find timely, helpful, and relevant to their situation. We find this usually increased desired behavior from your digital guests.

Don’t tell a boring story

However if you don’t plan your content well, your content will come across as boring and quickly cause people to bounce. When you need to ensure that an idea is absorbed – like on your contact form – don’t make it scroll. Get right to the action for direct communication. When you are working to communicate an idea, look at parallaxing and scrolling as a way to let your story unfold.


If you made it this far, you scrolled.
Don’t look at parallaxing and scrolling as rule but as tool to tell a better story.

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