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Let’s face it Magento is is never going to be fully secure.

When you do a search for “known security threats Magento 2016” you’ll find a long list of articles releasing patches, fixes, and other methods to deal with current security issues. Many merchants aren’t adequately equipped to deal with constant maintenance required to reduce the risk of security breaches for their Magento stores. Some describe the system as being ‘infested’ with bugs.

Don’t believe us? Here are few examples:

We challenge you to find stories of merchant sites being hacked on the Shopify Plus platform. We at Blue Like Neon have found that Shopify Plus allows us to put our customer’s minds at ease because Shopify proactively manages all security for the platform seamlessly behind the scenes.

Who wants to write emails to customers about why their data was stolen? Not us. Additionally, Shopify Plus is PCI compliant as a standard feature; that will save your company time, money and headaches.

Still hesitant to make the switch? We can’t force you to make the switch, however, if you do, you will have more money and more time to focus on selling products.

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