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Get more out of your mobile device.  

Reach79 has created a mobile case that improve data and signal connections by nearly 2X. For those of us who enjoy vanities – the case looks super cool. Check it out. The case also boasts military-grade device protection, so you can still get away with being clumsy.

Creating the Digital Experience

Reach79 entrusted us with creating a digital brand experience that would make its debut at CES 2015. For us, these are the most ideal projects because we were able to provide strategy, UI, UX, information architecture, development and integration support.

Bringing from Idea to Reality

The BLN team used its Essence process to get the root of future customer needs. This process allowed us to create a framework of language to communicate to people who are buying a phone case. We were able to identify conversations that happen when people are when buying a phone case. This allowed us to make clear distinctions between Reach79 and other phone cases in the market. Our team wrote the website copy and help to create positioning statements like “A case designed for speed.” Most importantly, it allowed both companies to build practices, grow trust and have shared thinking.

Inspirational, Aspirational & Informative (aka designed to sell)

The site was designed to make users feel good and curious upon initial visit. For consumers this is their first encounter with the brand, so it had to immediately give users a good feeling. We needed visitors to feel like they were getting a really great case that fit their personality and would be admired by their friends. We needed to educate people with what makes the case special without overwhelming people. The client was delighted with the end result, private showings with targeted users have been very positive. We suspect that it will convert web visitors at high rate. We will provide a follow up post after data has been gathered.

Mission Critical Business Systems

The final site was built mobile & tablet responsive. We chose Shopfiy  for our eCommerce platform. We were able to leverage the newly refined Shopify responsive checkout structure (P.S. Shopify is great). The website was easily integrated into Netsuite, which can be a daunting task. The client had previous experience with Magento and was relieved to see how easy Shopify is to use.

We have said enough, see it for yourself

Check it out.

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