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Have you gotten used to the suffering Magento causes?

If you have ever purchased an old home, you will learn that the repairs never end. If your passion is spending the weekends fixing things, having plumbers come walking through your house, having a leaky roof you might like it. Eventually, you will get to a mental and emotional place of acceptance knowing that it will never be fixed and never complete. You will get comfortable with your suffering. Sounds reasonable for an old house but what about for a cutting edge e-Commerce system? That sounds completely unreasonable, however, many e-Commerce leaders are simply accepting their suffering as doing business as usual.

Many times suffering happens over time, people slowly adjust, and before they realize it they simply accept the suffering as a way of life .

At Blue Like Neon, we’ve found that Magento has created suffering for merchants much in the same way. You shouldn’t accept it.  You deserve better.

We would like to introduce you to a new way, a better way. Meet Shopify Plus.

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