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So just to be clear, it’s not Romantic love, but deep love for how Jay Acunzo creates stories that empower makers and creators. I actually didn’t even know what Jay looked like until I got really inspired by one of his podcasts. I have been following Jay since I first heard his podcast “Traction.” What first attracted me to Jay was the stories he shared from companies that invested with Next View Ventures. The entrepreneurs were always really open, and also accomplished, it doesn’t come across like motivational hype. The information in the episodes are down to earth and useable. Many times people get caught in the hype of being a business; Jay gets into the dirt. There are gems in his dirt – I recommend catching each episode.


Jay recently started a podcast called Unthinkable. He interviews creatives and just generally interesting people about how they create. For those who are creative subscribe, for those want to be creative subscribe and for everyone else, well, stop reading now. Jay has a talk he gave called “Make Ugly” watch it, the talk is enjoyable and insightful. It is very in aligned with what we preach on the design pulpit of Blue Like Neon from the Reverend Ryan Kodzik aka the Purple Rain Maker of UX and the Design King of Old Milwaukee Nick Grygiel. Check out this podcast

Create Ugly-inspired me, so I wanted to share one of my ugliest drawings ever, a co-creation with my son Curran. You may be wondering what are two strange things on the head of that baby. Oh yeah, this drawing is a baby. Curran added the canon and horn on the top of the head. My wife told me it’s the ugliest thing I had ever created, she can barely look at it. I thought if it had that much power may be it was my best work ever. A reaction that strong must be touching something.

Jay, thanks. We are going to keep pushing ugly. Keep getting better at your craft, it is inspiring us to get better at ours.


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