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Blue Like Neon took the no bullshit branding and applied it to a functional, high-design web presence that has increased qualified traffic and sales.

Black Claw creates the best tools for the best tattoo artists in the world. Founded by career tattooers, Seth Ciferri and GRIME, the dedication to the craft, passion for innovation, and decades of experience has made Black Claw’s products the industry standard for tattoo industry professionals. Their mission is to protect and promote the artistry and industry of tattooing through relentless dedication to innovation and responsibility.

Blue Like Neon came to begin building a partnership with Black Claw at a Shopify retail event in Portland, Oregon. Co-founder Seth Ciferri came to the Blue Like Neon booth and met with Blue Like Neon partner/head of strategy, Landis White. Both parties discovered fairly quickly that the companies aligned fundamentally really well.  It was a good fit from the start.

Shortly after meeting at the Shopify event, Black Claw’s founders reached out to Blue Like Neon to design and develop a new ecommerce website that would speak to the distinct culture and community of tattoo artists, showcase how they are setting a new standard of practice and transparency in the tattoo supply industry, and increase sales for their portfolio of products.  After speaking to Ciferri and GRIME and hearing their no-bullshit approach it was a no-brainer for Blue Like Neon to help these badasses with hearts of gold.

The Challenge:

Black Claw was clear from the beginning that they had no interest in selling wholesale.  By keeping a laser focus on direct sales, they are able to ensure that they can control quality and continue to innovate without any outside investors or middlemen.  Black Claw started on Shopify and experienced major growth.  Their e-commerce website was ready for an upgrade to Shopify Plus to set the foundation for future expansion of the business. The fixed fee on transactions and the added support provided by the transition to Plus were important factors in their decision to make the move.

Black Claw’s new web platform needed to push the brand and business forward from both a design and technology perspective.  As their needles and shaders are one-time use products, they needed their new site to allow them to foster long-term relationships with customers (tattoo artists). This meant the site would need to both attract qualified traffic in addition to capturing customer data for future marketing communications to drive recurring sales.  Additionally, Black Claw is on the path for global domination in the tattoo supply space and needed Blue Like Neon to ensure the technology platform chosen would allow for 3PL integration for future sales expansion in Europe, Asia, and Canada. Clearly, Shopify Plus was the right move.


The Solution:

Blue Like Neon chose Shopify Plus as the foundation of the new Black Claw site as it served their e-commerce business needs brilliantly. As a Shopify Plus partner, Blue Like Neon has a long history of successful launches on the Plus platform.  

After taking Black Claw through Blue Like Neon’s unique essence process, the target personas, key messaging, SEO strategy, content strategy, and a look & feel trajectory were defined. Blue Like Neon then took the no bullshit attitude and current branding and applied it to an incredibly visually engaging and functionally optimized user experience website design. Blue Like Neon’s SEO team ensured that the right people would find the site over the noise of the slew of competitors online. Additionally, a logical content strategy was also developed that directs visitors deep into the most relevant pages within the new site for conversion.

With Shopify’s highly qualified 3rd party app ecosystem, Blue Like Neon was able to easily integrate key features such as customer product reviews to highlight the many testimonials to Black Claw’s high-quality products and community around the brand along with many other integrations necessary to set up the company for future growth.

The Outcome:

Black Claw’s new ecommerce website was launched recently and the results have been incredible. Without any new marketing, the Shopify Plus site has driven improvement across the board.

Key Performance Indicators – August 2016 over September 2016 Improvement Since Launch:

  • Sessions: increased by 39%
  • Page Views: increased by 69.61%
  • Bounce Rate: reduced by 20%
  • Avg. Order Value: increased by 13.5%
  • Transactions: increased by 123.94%


Client Testimonial:

“We have nothing but good things to say about our experience working with Blue Like Neon. From the very beginning of our preliminary talks, before we hired them, they went above and beyond our expectations. Our company needed a new ecommerce website and we were so incredibly fortunate to hire them. We had a vision for what we wanted out of our website and the talented crew at Blue Like Neon were able to translate our vision into a stunning website.

They have a system in place that keeps the client involved in the design and build process every step of the way. We had no idea how to go about obtaining exactly what we wanted out of our new eCommerce site, but these folks we’re on top of it from the very first day. I can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Blue Like Neon.

Their system for doing things really makes you feel like they’re part of your team/company. No matter how many questions or issues I presented them with, they always delivered, every damn time.

Professional, polite, punctual and personable– I miss working with them already!”

Wesley Brown, Operations Manager

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