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The creative process is a tricky thing. Even at BLN where we live, love and breathe design daily, we accept that there’s always more than one solution to any single creative problem. We’ve found that the secret is to keep focused on what a design needs to do for the user and client, figure out how to visually articulate that solution and build with evolution in mind.

In our creative process – be it creating wireframes of UI or designing concepts – we always bring different ideas to the starting table. These ideas and directions are often rooted in what we see in the analytics and users. We discuss and iterate on these ideas collectively so that in our pitches the best of those ideas manifest in different concepts – each trying to explore a different direction to still accomplish the goal. In one, we may stick close to our client’s comfort zone to show how their idea may come to life. In another, we may try to push in a more progressive or unexpected direction if we feel it can help the brand evolve or open clients’ eyes to a new approach.


Admittedly, discussing these differing ideas can often open more than one can of worms and even be a tad uncomfortable at times. It’s worth it, though, because even concepts that don’t make the cut are valuable. They may lead us to an enlightening conversation with our client or yield an element or idea that shapes the other concepts in a positive way. This methodology always promotes thought, conversation and inspiration – which in my eyes is worth it. A design can come to life in many ways and when we trust our clients to engage in those kinds of conversations the end product is always better.

This is why we always try to communicate to our clients that a design can and should continue to evolve. Yes, your website, app or campaign is a living thing. It may sound odd, but it’s actually an opportunity. Over time your business will change. While it does, your brand, your voice and how you continue to engage your audience will change as well. It only makes sense that the tools for the conversation also evolve to suit.

It’s not difficult to make something pretty, but it takes skill and experience to look into a product, a service, or an idea and turn it into a dynamic, living thing. A good creative team can look into the future of brand to avoid costly pitfalls of poor design from an aesthetic or technical level. A great creative team ensures that the communication platform can consciously evolve as the competitive landscape evolves.

In the end, the creative process is both an art and a science. If you build without evolution in mind, you may miss a critical chance to connect with your audience. Don’t be scared of the journey ahead, go forth, create, build smart and build to evolve!

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