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Magento VS Shopify Plus App Ecosystem

As companies increase sales, optimize websites and get more sophisticated in marketing, they begin to seek out new ways to get more effective at selling. Apps are usually an answer that provides ease and a superior efficiency.

When we talk about the App Ecosystem, we mean the network of Apps available for use, that are built by third parties for use in an eCommerce system. Most platforms don’t do everything right out of the box, so apps allow eCommerce companies to expand capabilities without having to custom develop applications. In the enterprise space where promises are made that a system does “everything”, but usually not everything well, Apps helps eCommerce brands to make choices that fit their strategic objectives. In the web world we live and work in, a recent development is that, for that for a relatively low price, a business can significantly improve an aspect of their online business without requiring custom development.  We believe that Shopify Plus will eat up market share as enterprises eCommerce brands learn that they can get more function, for much less.

From an App perspective alone, the Magento Vs Shopify Plus has changed a great deal in just the past year. We work on both systems, but yet again we think Shopify Plus does it better and we think the trends we’ve seen this year in terms of the app ecosystem point to Shopify+ continuing to be the best option for our enterprise clients.

Why Shopify Plus Apps work.

Let’s say you want to integrate into BrightPearl ERP into your site. Shopify+ app store allows you sign up, click a few buttons and now you have Bright Pearl integrated.  While you still have to configure Bright Pearl for your 3PL or warehouse, you can afford it with its $200 dollar month price tag. 

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Let’s look at a simple example specific to commerce:

A basic store lets customers buy products in stock. Let’s say you have a product that sells out regularly, and you want to determine how many of the item to a manufacturer in the future. Shopify Plus has a variety of reviewed “Back in Stock” apps that allows customers to sign up to be notified when a product comes back in stock. Check it out: Back in Stock  As customers sign up for these services, data is tracked in the system by Back in Stock apps, the brand gets to understand overall demand and make choices about restocking the item. In addition Back-in-Stock apps can send your customers emails when it comes back in stock, so they can come back and purchase.  If you don’t like the app, turn it off and choose another, this ability to try Apps is nearly impossible with many enterprise commerce systems. 

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The best part? It’s real. Right now many of these Back in Stock Apps are Shopify Plus plugin that allows a brand, your brand perhaps, to do what I just described. It adds 10 dollars a month to your plan and requires about 1hr to configure. Try to do that with your big bad enterprise system, you won’t even get through the IT department in less than hour.

Apps give brands the ability to expand features at low cost, with little configuration and very little technical skill.  Who wants to manage technology, when you could focus resources on selling more product. 

Developers race to get into ShopifyPlus

Since Shopify went public, nearly every App developer that had a Magento app offer had that Oh SH*T moment and made the leap to Shopify. Nearly every 3rd party integrator has integrated their app into Shopify, not Magento. And if you’re reading this in 3 months from its published date, we suspect that the laggers will have caught up.

We have found that nearly everything we get asked for we can find an app for in Shopify Plus. When we don’t find an app it’s usually because our client needs something very specific and unique to their business. The good news is that Shopify’s well-documented API makes it easy to integrate custom application as needed. That makes things ideal.

We hope this helps you make a better choice about the future of your enterprise Commerce. Maybe Magento seems like a better choice when you want full control and have an in-house, experienced development team available. If you want to save 100k+ a year in human resources, and 500k in implementation fees, give Shopify Plus a serious look and look to a development partner like Blue Like Neon. Shopify Plus’ ecosystem of app developers is large and likely has what you’re looking for and more.    

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