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Without looking in a mirror or your mobile camera, try to take a look at your face. You might get a peek of the tip of your nose, but getting that holistic whole-face view? It’s just not possible.

As it is with your face, so it is with your eCommerce. It can be easy to wind up with a myopic view of the tip of your nose while losing the whole picture. A business that takes that narrow view risks wasting time, money and energy.

Let’s take a look with fresh eyes and a wide range, seeing your eCommerce solution, in total, for what it is.

As humans, when we walk around and interact, we are not able to see our own face. We can look in a mirror and get a reverse understanding of what we look like. A reflection’s great, but it’s incomplete. A video or picture is useful too, but we are unable to see ourselves in action accurately. This inability causes something quite miraculous to occur.  It causes to have to ask another person to look at us and give us an interpretation of what they see in real-time.

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Organizations often face this same challenge, as they take market share, they make series of choices, and at some point have trouble seeing their own “face.” They have been so caught up in moving forward, focus looking ahead, that it becomes hard to understand what they have become and where they can go.

This focus can create blind spots. As individuals, we miss if we make a terrible face at an idea we don’t like or experience something distasteful. Another example exists if our faces make us appeared bored at meetings or on a date.

For organizations, the stakes can be high. The blind spot is often obvious to other organizations around them and potentially to their customers or clients.

Not good. But this limitation is actually a gift when we acknowledge it and seek outside counsel, just like those who came before us.

Maybe there’s something profoundly revolutionary about it. By not allowing us to see our own face, nature forces us to ask others to tell us what they see. Perhaps this reinforces our dependence on one another to survive.

And, in this thoroughly tech-focused world, maybe that kind of reflective feedback is what truly allows us to innovate.

Innovation is always a multi-person process. An outside perspective will always allow us to gain more insight than we’d have going it alone. As goes the cave man, so goes the businessman. Unless we’re willing, as an individual or a business, to ask and equally willing to hear the answer of “What do you see when you look at me,” we’re just mammoth dinner.

The face of your eCommerce approach.

For customers who invested heavily into enterprise eCommerce during the late 2000s, the available eCommerce options, like Magento, are so ingrained in how things worked that they can’t always see that the Magento is not actually an integral part of their DNA. They can bid it goodbye, but sometimes they hesitate.

We sometimes hear:

  • This is what we’re familiar with.
  • It was recommended to us.
  • The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.
  • eCommerce isn’t supposed to be easy.
  • It would cost way too much to switch over.

That’s just not true.

There is a better way to do it. We can look you in the face and tell you what we’re seeing. That you look frustrated and you’re missing a better, easier alternative. It’s Shopify. We can also tell you what you can’t see: that the digital data shows your customers don’t love Magento either.

We have found that we can help any company having the Shopfiy vs Magento faceoff. We help because we think the present, and future, of eCommerce, is Shopify.

Shopify is packing some serious power and its software roadmap opens up a lot of possibilities. Its easy-to-use API connection tools makes integrating customer accounts, SAP, SAGE and Netsuite relatively painless. Its UI framework makes it easy to fully customize the look and feel. Shopify’s fixed monthly transactions fee really make it stand out for businesses doing over 1 million in revenue.

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Go in for overhaul, get a facelift.

Once our clients realize it’s time to switch, most businesses see that they could use a User Interface eCommerce facelift as well. Blue Like Neon’s expert User Experience team can design a winning eCommerce experience. We can help anywhere from go-to-market strategy to capturing more market share.

If you are uncomfortable in your eCommece skin and want an outside perspective, let us show you what you could look like.

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