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Over 150,000 merchants. Over $7 billion in sales. Those are no small numbers. Shopify Plus is helping lead the Enterprise eCommerce charge and we couldn’t be happier.

Focus on selling your product, not managing technology. Ready to get started? For many businesses, launching or upgrading an eCommerce system seems to be the way forward to growing their business. If you invest in the wrong solution, though, your eCommerce systems will hold you back. We don’t want that to happen. It’s why we love Shopify Plus and recently joined the Shopify Experts program. Shopify+ is a great solution for small and enterprise commerce customers and serious eCommerce retailers alike.

Here are just 10 of the reasons we love Shopify Plus

1.The system is scalable

An infinitely scalable SaaS platform. Even if you don’t totally understand what that means, you can rest easy knowing it means your site will never crash. A fast and easy experience awaits every customer, any time. By utilizing a SaaS approach, Shopify is able to offer lower costs and a better experience to you, too. Whether you’re starting with a modest store, hosting a major flash sale, or moving huge amounts of product, Shopify can handle the traffic. As your company grows, your online store can grow with it through easy, beautiful scaling.

2.The system is secure

Customers need to feel that their personal information, including credit cards, is safe when they shop online. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, meaning Shopify has been deemed compliant in six different categories set out by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Even better? This compliance extends to every store powered by Shopify. That means your online store, its shopping cart and web hosting are automatically compliant when you get your shop up and running.

3. An API makes integrations fast and easy

Shopify is built for seamless integrations, which makes everyone happier. Their API lets you connect to your existing IT platform and the ERP, web app, CRM, accounting systems, a preferred CMS and other third party software. If Shopify Plus’ API doesn’t do it, they help you source the custom connector that can. An easy getting started guide is available, there are tutorials a-plenty and when you work with a Shopify Plus Partner like Blue Like Neon, we can create a powerful, immersive, engaging experience.

4. Healthy 3rd Party developer community lowers cost of adding plugins for specific features

For the last six years Shopify Plus has been augmented by pre-approved apps that add features or customize things on the backend. The ecosystem that produces these add-ons and plugins is is regulated and overseen by Shopify, which helps ensure quality. For even the most complex logistics, there’s likely an affordable solution already available.

5. Marketing Automation Capabilities

Shopify Plus offers built-in automation features such as Abandoned Checkout Recovery in the Professional or Unlimited plan.  There are several apps available for the basic plan to add this feature. Additionally, low cost apps can add advanced automated functionality:

Target the right customers, with the right message, at the right time

  • Emails sent based on customer buying history, email & website engagement
  • Automatically create and send email newsletters, recommendations, back in stock, and price drop triggers

6. Advanced Reporting for SEO

Shopify knows shoppers need to find you. Their advanced eCommerce CMS and shopping cart feature customizable H1, title and meta tags for SEO best practice, helping bring in traffic and getting you noticed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Plus, new products and site changes show up fast on search engines through automatic sitemaps.xml file generation.

7. 24 / 7 support

eCommerce means your store is open all the time. Shopify gets it and offers a support team available all day, every day. No filling out an online form and waiting for a reply for days. Email, live chat and phone are all available. When you’re in business, so is Shopify.

8. eCommerce University education series great for beginners and the experienced alike

Shopify wants your business to thrive and offers a huge range of free tools and resources to build your store and your success. Free guides, a forum, online marketing advice, and in-depth case studies help you build, launch and grow your own online business.

9. Easy to use

All those options and features are great. But Shopify Plus is better than great because it’s easy to use. User friendly to the max, Shopify has set itself apart as the ecommerce option focused on ease of use, allowing companies to focus on customer experience and marketing instead of building out, maintaining and working in expensive systems.

10. Shopify Plus API

For the enterprise customers that have Magento, SAP, SAGE, NetSuite or other ERP solutions.  The ability to easily port over existing customers, make integrations easily at low cost, and transact at lower cost is very appealing.  Shopify Plus is really helping enterprise take advantage of many tools thought to be for small business.  Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise, we would pick Shopify Plus any day.

Convinced? We hope so! When you’re ready to take the eCommerce leap, we’re ready to help. Need more reasons? Call us. Blue Like Neon provides strategy, design, development and ongoing services for your business and we are a recognized Shopify App developer.

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